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For children 2 to 5 years of age, sitting and watching television and the use of other electronic media should be limited to less than one hour per day.

2 Year Olds

The 2 year old is busy, vigorous, enthusiastic and energetic. They need time to explore, experiment and just watch. They want to do everything at once; they can't wait. They are very curious, they find out everything by touching, tasting, smelling, in fact by putting their whole body into it. When playing with water, they may climb into the container and sit in it. The 2 year old laughs a lot.


Physical activities for a 2 year old

Hands in bucket
  • Buckets
    At this stage children enjoy filling buckets and dishes with sand and stones. They like to cart them and dump them. They like using little containers to put in big containers and they like to fill and empty containers.
  • Water/bubbles
    Any kind of water and bubble play.
  • Imitation and make-believe
  • Swinging on tyre
  • Swinging, rocking, sliding
    Using a tyre swing, rocking horse or rocking chair, sliding.
  • Whole-body activities
    Activities involving their whole bodies. Climbing, running jumping, balancing, catching, throwing.
  • Jumping
    Use a rubber mattress and let the child jump from a low board onto the mattress.
  • Rope jumping
    Tie a rope between 2 chairs, ask your child to jump over it when it is very low.
  • Rolling
    Place a blanket on the floor. Allow the child to roll over and over on it.
  • Carrying
    Anything that requires carrying, carting lifting, pushing or pulling. Let them help you with your household chores.
  • Ball game
  • Ball play of any kind
  • Filling and emptying
    Give the child a variety of objects to experiment with until they discover by themselves how to fill and when to stop. E.g. Blocks into trucks, groceries into shopping baskets, water into watering can.
  • Movement to music
    Use scarves, ribbons.
  • Kitchen
  • Songs & rhymes
    Teach them simple action songs and rhymes - do the action with them.
  • Making up games
    Children will make up their own games so encourage this.

This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing