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The five star family day care standard

Unique in the delivery of quality childcare is the Five Star Family Day Care Standard. This national standard is drawn from the collective wisdom of over 30 years experience delivering quality childcare in a home and family environment across Australia.


Our Five Key Values

  • quality
  • child as an individual
  • learning and education
  • experience
  • reality


Our Five Key Benefits

  • home environment
  • consistency
  • flexibility
  • family values
  • real world education

Our Five Key Differences

  • national network
  • years in existence
  • proven childcare model
  • small group
  • one to one care


Our Five Key Outcomes

  • security
  • family values
  • interaction
  • lifestyle
  • nurturing

Our Five Key Promises

  • safety
  • caring
  • learning and development
  • communication
  • flexibility

Your Five Star Family DAYCARE Standard
"Our unique Five Star Standard underpins all that we are and all that we do"