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About Family Day Care

Children painting boomerangsFor parents, family day care offers so much more than a fun, safe place to leave your child. Flexibility, stability, consistency, reassurance and family values underpinned by meaningful and often long term relationships are all key ingredients in building happy well adjusted children.

For children, being nurtured and having the opportunity to develop in a secure, home based, family-focussed environment and mixing with a diversity of ages and cultures is a great way to build confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

4 children on slideIn family day care, children learn through play and exploration while mixing with a small group. They participate in activities planned by the educator to suit each child's individual needs, such as story-telling, singing, art and craft, playing games, visiting the park or the library.

Learning in the home environment is as natural as can be - structured within the real world - an authentic experience for your child growing up at home in Family Day Care.